Billing Brook School

Curriculum Framework


Our bespoke Curriculum for Life is a progression model – it provides sequential learning objectives that aim to build on prior learning so that pupils learn and remember more and apply their learning in a variety of different situations.

Our Curriculum for Life is split into our Essential Areasspecific subject areas and leading to Destination Pathways in Key stage 4 and 5.

Our Curriculum Intent ensures pupils become confident, healthy and resilient individuals able to communicate effectively and ready to lead fulfilling lives to become independent young people.

Our curriculum is a ‘platform’ for pupils to gain the skills, knowledge, dispositions and attitudes needed to be lifelong learners and ultimately fulfil their hopes and ambitions when they leave us. Learning generally follows overarching themes  / projects that may incorporate different subject areas as well as enterprise and Preparation for Adulthood (PFA) opportunities. We ensure that pupils have opportunities to apply their learning in real life situations.