Billing Brook School

Curriculum Framework

Our bespoke Curriculum for Life is split into three frameworks:

Foundations for Life - EYFS

Learning for life- KS1-KS3

Preparing for Life - KS4 & 5

 Foundations for Life

Our EYFS curriculum is an ambitious and progressive framework that provides children with the knowledge and understanding to be the best that they can be. We want to develop and enhance each child's potential; enabling them to become independent and curious learners, preparing them for the next stage in their learning journey.

Learning for Life​

Our Learning for Life curriculum provides sequential learning objectives that aim to build on prior learning so that pupils learn and remember more. Pupils are provided with opportunities to apply their learning in a variety of different situations.​

There are two sections:​

Essential – This section promotes  personal development and closely aligns with EHCP categories of need. For those pupils working at early stages of development (particularly in our Red assessment band) the essential curriculum is their core curriculum.​

Learning Areas- This section is based on the National Curriculum. We cover the breadth of subjects at a developmentally appropriate level for pupils. We pay attention to stages of development rather than ages.​

 Preparing for Life


Our Preparing for Life curriculum provides experiential learning that aims to build on prior learning, previous knowledge and student skillset. Students learn  through the application and repetition of both established and new skills, knowledge and behaviours, to support the skills, knowledge and behaviours that life demands.​

The curriculum is organised across three key sections: ​

Essentials for Learning & Life – This section promotes personal development through explicit delivery of the Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) pillars: Independence, Health, Employment, Friends, Family and Relationships. These are reflected in individual student EHCP outcomes. ​

Note: For students working at early stages of development (particularly in our Red /Orange assessment band) the Essentials curriculum is their core curriculum.​

Subject Areas– These are subjects that are taught as a combination of embedded elements of project work and/or as distinct subjects. These include: English, Maths, R.E.,  PSHE and RSE (Sex & Relationship Education) and P.E.​

Vocational Options- We cover a range of options. These subjects enable the students to explore an area of interest that may expose them to a new hobby or interest; as well as helping them to  develop skills for an employment pathway; or set the foundation for further study at College.  ​