Billing Brook School

About 6th Form - The Ocean 



 In all we do, our aim is to best prepare our students for their adult lives beyond Billing Brook

The Centre is approximately 1 mile from the main site and  offers students the opportunity to follow a more vocational programme which is personalised to the needs and interests of the sixth form students.

The programmes follow a largely practical and experiential route, based on real life learning. This enables our students to grow into independent and confident young adults, and helps to prepare them for the next stage of their lives. 

We aim for each student to leave having reached their full potential and gained the appropriate skills, knowledge and qualifications to support them moving into adulthood. 

Our accommodation consists of 3 classrooms; a medical room; a 1 bed flat complete with kitchenette, laundry facilities and shower room; an enterprise room, an adaptable dining area set out as a cafe; a compact catering kitchen; and a flexible retail / salon area.

We have a space that allows for outdoor dining on the courtyard, some free space for socialising beside an 'under development' horticultural site complete with raised beds and a greenhouse.

Circumstances permitting, we  aim to  provide a significant number of experiences "off site" including the wider community and a range of work places. Our curriculum focusses on developing the skills needed to access what the community has to offer and the skills required for work if that is an appropriate pathway. We therefore encourage our students to experience the facilities of partner providers and to try out work with partner employers.