Billing Brook School

Our approach to managing behaviour

At Billing Brook we aim for every member of the school community to feel valued and respected, for each person to be treated fairly and well. We are a caring community, whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all.

We believe that academic achievement and personal development can be fostered by ensuring that school is a place where:

  • emotional well-being is promoted through valuing, noticing, appreciating, recognising potential and giving room to grow
  • there are positive and trusting relationships
  • individual needs are recognised and valued
  • everyone belongs.


The school has a three key rules:

  • Be Respectful
  • Try your Best
  • Be Safe

At Billing Brook we believe that behaviour is a form of communication.

We understand that at times some pupils experience difficulties with their behaviour and social situations. To help us understand these difficulties better we use ABC charts. We record and analyse what is happening before the incident, what the behaviour looks like and what happens after the incident. Following an analysis we implement suitable methods of support to help the pupil develop their skills, understanding and ability to manage situations .

All behaviour is recorded electronically and regularly analysed and appropriate strategies/programmes put in place.

Pupils may have an Individual behaviour Management Plan (IBMP) which is shared with Parents/Carers.

Protective Behaviours

Pupils may supported in 1 to 1 sessions for Protective Behaviour work. These sessions teach strategies to enable the child or young person to build self-confidence, self-worth and life skills to help them deal with worries, anxieties and express when they need to talk to an adult for help or reassurance.

We encourage an ethos that ‘no worry is too small to share’.

Before work commences, parents / carers are informed of our intentions. All work is done in full consultation, with an overview of the content of the sessions shared in advance.

Educational Psychologist

There maybe occasions that we seek advice from our allocated EP. Should we need to do this, your permission is sought in advance and all reports shared.