Billing Brook School

Medical Support

Billing Brook is committed to meeting and managing the medical needs of pupils to enable them to attend school fulltime. We have trained staff as well as a Senior Health Aide who make sure medical needs are looked after. Billing Brook follows the guidance outlined by the DfE "Managing Medicines in School."

The Senior Health Aide's role includes:

  • Producing Individual Health Care Plans for pupils that have medical conditions or illness’ that require medication in school.
  • Liaison with external medical practitioners i.e. School Nurses
  • In house training to new staff and ongoing update training for all staff

 In addition to the Senior Health Aide staff at school are trained in basic first aid and a number of staff have advanced qualifications including, the NHfT competency framework training, in order to administer medications.

General Information for Parents and Carers

Asthma Letter
Long Term Individual Health Care Plan
Parent Medical Information Letter
Short Term Medication Form March 2021

Sudocrem - Vaseline Letter

Warning Letter - Headlice Solution

Thread Worm Information


Winter Infections