Billing Brook School

School Uniform

Our school uniform form is purchased directly from our supplier Gilt Edge, please click on the link below.

The uniform will be delivered to school free of charge or this can be delivered directly to  your home address (at an extra cost).

We have samples of all sizes in the school office if your child needs to try these on.

The uniform now includes House-shirts, book bag and water bottles.

If you do require any assistance, please contact the school office on 01604 773910.

To purchase any new uniform please click here.  

Pre-loved Uniform

We run a Preloved Uniform service, covering almost all items of school clothing, including PE kit, and other items such as book bags, PE bags, and plimsoles.  Although primarily run as a service to parents and the environment, rather than as a fund-raiser, this service can still generate funds for the school and saves parents money at the same time. 

All clothing items are available at the price of only £1-£5 each, other items are priced individually.  This means that you can buy several school outfits without it costing a fortune and so that you don’t have to worry about them getting their uniform dirty during the week or having to do additional loads of washing to ensure they always have a clean uniform to hand!

The uniform we are selling has been checked carefully by our Key Stage 4 pupils as part of the PFA to ensure it is in good, clean condition and some items are brand new!


Please contact the school office

Please send a request via email to let us know what you would be interested in ordering.  Should there be a specific item you would like we can arrange for the item/s to be picked up at the school office or sent home with your child. All requests will usually take place within a week of your message being received and confirmation will be sent via email as this is run by the students. 


Cash payments please to the school office.


Should the uniform be the incorrect size or not required, please hand any returns directly to The School Office, enclosing your name and your money will be refunded.


The service cannot survive without uniform donations.  If you have any good, clean uniform that you would be happy to donate, we would gratefully have it.  Items such as polo shirts, jumpers, cardigans and fleeces, as well as book bags, PE bags etc.  Donations should be handed in at the School OfficePlease ensure all clothing items are laundered and try to remove name labels prior to donating.  

Lost Property:  School do not have the space to keep lost property for long periods of time so towards the end of each term, any un-named, uncollected lost property will be removed, washed, ironed and added to the Preloved Uniform stock.