Billing Brook School

School organisation

 At Billing Brook School classes are organised into five departments. These include:


EYFS -   Duckling Class - Riverbank

The Early Years class caters for pupils with a range of needs; many of which are complex; all have severe learning difficulties and communication challenges. Their EHCP outcomes help to determine much of the curriculum offer. Pupils are supported by a class teacher and a team of teaching assistants. Each pupil will have an allocated  key worker who works very closely with the class teacher to make sure all needs of the pupils are met.  Pupils benefit from  access to a movement room and a sensory room.


Primary: Riverbank and Meadow

In the Primary department our class sizes are small; supported by a teacher and 2 or 3 teaching assistants, who help meet the needs of each pupil. Our small class sizes ensure that all adults know the children very well; their needs, their likes and dislikes and what motivates them. Pupils within Primary are split between Riverbankphase (KS1) and Meadow (KS2) EHCP outcomes, as well as the Learning for Life curriculum ensure that pupils are supported in all aspects of their academic and personal development 

KS1: Cygnets, Kingfishers, Frogs and Otters - Riverbank

KS2: Hedgehog, Squirrel, Hare, Deer and Fox  - Meadow

This link will take you to the Learning for Life Curriculum overview which theRiverbank and Meadow pupils will use to support pupils on each Pathway


Secondary: Forest, Woodland and Mountains

Our secondary department is where the provision needs for the pupils and anticipated pathway destinations take greater precedence. The secondary department is split between Forest/ Mountains and Woodland.  

In the Forest phase (KS3, Years 7-9) class sizes are approximately 10-12 pupils with one teacher and 2-3 teaching assistants.  Students are grouped within their key stage. The class teacher teaches students for the majority of their lessons but where specialist teaching is required they are taught by subject specialists, for example food technology, PE and horticulture. In line with the school ethos of supporting regulation for all pupils, students within the Forest may access a sensory integration room and other areas of the school to support access to learning, as well as specialist rooms; such as the Art Room, Food Technology room and Sports Barn.

In the Mountains phase (KS4, Years 10-11) class sizes are in line with those in the Forest phase, with one teacher and 2-3 teaching assistants. The students will be grouped generally according to their anticipated pathway destinations, as well as taking into account social and emotional needs. The students will access a range of spaces across the school as well as partaking in CHOICE options to support them with transitioning into Adult Life. 

The Woodland phase caters for students from 11-18 years of age (KS3-5).  Students in Woodland department have a range of needs that co-exist, overlap and inter-lock. They are young people who have significant cognitive, communication and sensory processing difficulties. Students may also need support with their self-care. As such the provision reflects this. Class sizes are between 6-8 pupils. All classes have a teacher and a number of teaching assistants depending on the needs of the students. Students will remain with their class and teacher throughout the school day.

We understand the difficulties that our students may experience, therefore we work hard to create an environment which accommodates their differences. Students may have an individual workstation, which allows for maximum concentration. Workstations also offer support for students who may find the world a distracting or stressful place. Other facilities include, sensory integration room and sensory rooms, life skills area, secure recreational areas and a bistro area in addition to a fully equipped food technology suite.

KS3 -    Red Kites, Robins, Woodpeckers, Owls and Kestrels - Forest

                    Willow, Maple and Cedar - Woodland

This link will take you to the Learning for Life Curriculum overview which the Forest and Woodland KS3 pupils will use to support pupils on each Pathway 







KS4 -    Everest, Mont Blanc, K2, Kilimanjaro - Mountain

                    Aspen and Hazel - Woodland

This link will take you to the Preparing for Life Curriculum overview which the Mountains and Woodland KS4 pupils will use to support pupils on each Pathway







Post 16: Ocean and Woodland (Sixth Form):

Ocean Phase supports pupils who are in KS5. Within the Ocean phase, there is no uniform, but students are supported by a class teacher who they link with each morning. Many of the lessons may be delivered by other members of staff and students have very personalised timetables depending on their interests and abilities. This means that the class sizes within Ocean can vary. 

Woodland KS5 reflects the provision needs of Woodland KS3-4, and will be primarily class based, with one teacher and a team of teaching assistants. 

KS5  -  Atlantic, Pacific - Ocean (located in Sixth Form Centre at Holmecross Road)

             Oak - Woodland (located on main site)

This link will take you to the Preparing for Life Curriculum overview which the Ocean and Woodland KS5 pupils will use to support pupils on each Pathway


Each department has a phase leader who is the main point of contact, and directly reports to the Senior Leadership Team