Billing Brook School


Literacy at Billing Brook is delivered through a multi-sensory approach. Within literacy fiction, non fiction and poetry is explored in a variety of ways, as well as basic skills being developed throughout. Focused basic skills packages are developed to support pupils in reading, handwriting, fine and gross motor skills, communication and drama. 

Literacy covers many areas:

  • Reading including Phonics 
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening 
Literacy skills are not only taught and developed in literacy lessons, but throughout the curriculum. Communication is at the heart of every lesson, with each pupil being given a voice to share their ideas and contribute to discussions; whether that is through speaking, PECs or AAC devices such as Grid Player, or signing.

Visitors play a huge part in our literacy curriculum with drama specialists, immersive story providers and poets being on our extensive list of resources to access to provide exciting and memorable experiences. Real life application is something which we strive for and is particularly important in the secondary and sixth form departments. Role play experiences allow pupils to develop key literacy skills in a safe environment where they can challenge their thinking, and develop their communication skills.