Billing Brook School

About our school

Billing Brook is an all age, 4-18 years, school for pupils with a range of complex needs in particular:

  • significant or severe learning difficulties;
  • autistic spectrum disorder;
  • speech, language and communication difficulties 

Pupils are likely to have a combination of special educational needs.

Pupils’ levels of learning difficulties range from severe to significant; their learning is significantly below age related expectations.

Provision Specification 2021 

Autism Accreditation Advanced

We are proud to have had our provision for pupils with autism awarded Advanced status, the highest level of accreditation, by a panel of experts from the The National Autistic Society.  In their letter congratulating us they say that the assessors "found compelling evidence that autistic young people access high quality personalised programmes of educational and therapeutic support". They further state "Autism practice was observed to be embedded into the framework and ethos of the school which resulted in a high level of consistency and quality in practice throughout the school."





When Ofsted inspected us in October 2019 they judged that we continue to be an outstanding school. This is the third time since 2011 that we have been judged to be outstanding. An achievement we are very proud of.

OFSTED report 2019

Local Offer

The Local Offer outlines the  services available for children and young people (aged 0-25) with special educational needs and disabilities. The Local Offer:
  • improves choice and transparency for families
  • helps professionals to understand the range of services and provision available locally
  • improves joint commissioning arrangements for services by setting out in a single place what is available locally.
 Local Offer.