Billing Brook School

Our Early Years Provision

Duckling Class

At Billing Brook we believe that the Early Years provision plays a vital role in supporting our children to reach their full potential. We aim to provide a setting that nurtures, supports and challenges believing that a child’s experiences have a significant impact on their future development. 

Our Billing Brook ‘Foundations for Life’ curriculum is an ambitious and progressive framework that provides children with the knowledge and understanding to be the best that they can be. We want to develop and enhance each child's potential; enabling them to become independent and curious learners, preparing them for the next stage in their learning journey. 

Learning through play underpins our approach to teaching and learning in the foundation stage. We embrace the fact that young children learn best from activities and experiences that interest and inspire them. We offer a play-based, child centred curriculum with a balance of child-initiated and adult led learning opportunities.  

At Billing Brook we focus on each child's next steps, making sure they are relevant and meaningful, no matter how spikey their ‘learning profile’ may appear. We understand that the children at our school have different strengths and areas of development. Our curriculum allows us to embrace children's differences and to build on their interests and strengths.