Billing Brook School

Pupil Voice

School Council

At Billing Brook we pride ourselves on empowering our pupils to have a voice where possible to impact on decisions we take as a school.  To improve self-esteem and as part of pupils’ emotional development, we encourage pupils to express their opinions and respect all their comments.

Most opportunities for pupils to voice their opinions occurs through our School Council.  One representative and one deputy, voted for by pupils,  are chosen from each class to help make decisions.  One of their key areas of the school council is to decide upon activities for charity event days including visitors and activities. One of the roles of council members is as tour guides for visitors. They are keen to tell visitors the things that they have changed to make our school a better place!

School council members are also invited to write and ask questions and become part of the recruitment process of new staff. They hold regular surgeries to collect ideas and have influenced decision making at county level feeding back to the local authority through the young people’s Shooting Stars project . They also instigated a worry box in the library.

Listening to all pupils

We try to ensure that all pupils have their views listened to and often acted upon. What pupils have told us has impacted on many areas of the school life. For example we  have enhanced our lunchtime activities to include activities such as cheer leading, construction and animation club following pupils telling us of their interests, our Digital Leaders influence our choice of apps that we purchase for our ipads and laptops and our 6th form students choose their own uniform design that they now wear with pride.