Billing Brook School

Pupil Attendance

We believe that Attendance matters and encourage all parents to ensure their child attends school on a regular basis.

Poor attendance may indicate there are difficulties. Attendance is monitored by the Mrs Kennedy and Phase Leaders. Parents will be informed of our concerns and in the case of any medical absence, advice may be sought from the child's doctor. All effort will be made to find solutions regarding absence and support parents in ensuring their child attends school. Billing Brook uses The Education Inclusion and Partnership Team (EIPT), part of The Local Authority for advice, this is also an impartial service for parents.

Absence for holidays during term time is unauthorised in line with national guidance and may result in a fine being administered by the EIPT.

Attendance Matters


 Application for Exceptional Absence Request Form

Asthma Letter

Long Term Individual Health Care Plan

Parent Medical Information Letter

Short Term Medication Form - March 2021

Sudocrem / Vaseline Letter

Warning Letter Headlice Solution