Billing Brook School

Curriculum Pathways 

Our Curriculum for Life is highly ambitious; it's a progression model that provides sequential learning objectives that aim to build on prior learning so that pupils learn and remember more. ​

Our curriculum has been designed  to prepare our children and young people for adulthood, by delivering broad, balanced, yet relevant content targeting appropriately, the stages and ages of our pupils.​

Clear learning intentions can be  found throughout our curriculum,  these have been grouped into different colour bands making it explicit what we want our children and young people to learn. ​

Careful consideration has been given to ensuring our curriculum is inclusive and reflects the diverse range of strengths and needs of our pupil population.​

We recognise that our approach needs to reflect the abilities of our pupils. As a result we have created Pathways. Pathways ensure the intent, implementation and impact measures are meaningful and purposeful for each pupil.

Our approach to our curriculum reflecting our pathways is broken down as follows: