Billing Brook School


Handwriting at Billing Brook is taught on many levels. From gross motor skills development to fine motor skills and then to specific handwriting, we are able to address many skills at an individual level. 

Within gross motor skills, supporting strategies such as music and movement, PE and large scale body movement, as well as links with the occupational therapists and sensory development ensures that pupils are able to improve their arm movements as well as core stability.

Within fine motor skills work we are able to support pupils in their muscle strength and finger dexterity which ensures pencil grip and control are supported when they are ready to mark make and form letters or symbols. Activities such as developing their pincer grip and manipulating materials are seen throughout the school. 

Handwriting is supported largely in school by the Start Bee handwriting scheme of which we are a Centre of Handwriting Excellence. To find out more about our Start Bee handwriting scheme click here.