Billing Brook School

The School Day

  • Pupils can arrive between 8.45 and 9.00 am and go to their own classrooms. Many arrive by school transport and are met by staff.
  • Pupils have a 15 minute break in the morning and are welcome to bring a 'healthy snack'.
  • The Lunch break is an hour sitting between 11.50 and 1.05 with clubs such as sports, music, computing being offered in addition to the playground with bikes and scooters. The playground is always supervised by Billing Brook staff.
  • In the dining room pupils sit at the same table each day in class or friendship groups. Some tables have a  teaching assistant supporting pupils. Special diets and medical needs are fully catered for including regular administration of medications. Pupils are collected from the hall by teaching staff and return to class for afternoon lessons.
  • Pupils gather at 3.00pm to be escorted to transport or are collected by parents.

After School Club

Billing Brook School runs an after school club two days a week (Monday and Tuesday) in term time. Sessions run from 3.30 - 5.30pm. We are fortunate enough to run this club with staff who know and work with pupils during the school day, which ensures continuity of care.

Activities range from sports games to art and craft activities. Pupils can change their clothes if they bring them from home and are offered a healthy snack and a drink during the session. Parents are asked to make a small contribution per session with contributions also being made from the school and Aiming High in Northamptonshire.