Billing Brook School

6th Form Curriculum

The curriculum for students at the Sixth form is designed to be a curriculum for life, preparing our students for adulthood.

As such it is varied and personalised. It is designed to encourage aspirations for the future. This may be employment, through a supported internship, traineeship or apprenticeship route. It may be through supported learning routes provided by the various colleges and specialist education providers across the county and beyond. It may be independent living; or increased independence to enable supported living. For each student we aim to provide a destination pathway to enhance and develop their skills.

Our curriculum is split across 4 areas. These learning areas can blend and overlap each other as necessary;

  • Core Curriculum which includes essential English, Maths & ICT
  • Life Skills & Independence
  • Enterprise and Work Related Learning
  • PSHEC - which includes Internet Safety and Sex and Relationships

PFA Curriculum Overview

All lessons link to the Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) framework as outlined below - for more information and resources please visit the PfA website Preparing for Adulthood


Pacific Curriculum Map (DMA)

Atlantic Curriculum Map (NF)

Qualifications & Accreditations 

Atlantic Class

Students work towards achieving ASDAN Life Skills Challenges across a broad range of subjects. The level of these qualifications range from Working Towards Entry Level up to Entry Level 3.


 Pacific Class

Students work towards achieving Princes Trust Personal Development & Employability (PDE) qualifications. This suite of qualifications comprise of 6 modules and students can be awarded a range of Award, Certificate or even a Diploma ranging from Entry Level 3 up to a Level 1.


 English & Maths

In line with national requirements as outlined from September 2019, all students follow English and Maths courses which are designed to help them build on their skills and to work towards higher levels of accreditation, than those already achieved. These qualifications will form part of either their ASDAN Life Skills Challenges, or as part of their Princes Trust PDE qualifications.


ASDAN and Princes Trust frameworks allow for a great deal of flexibility. This enables us to deliver content and teach skills that are specific to the students in each cohort. Currently 2020/21 our students are developing skills in the following areas:

  • Painting; decorating & household maintenance.
  • Bike maintenance & cycling proficiency
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Caring for Children
  • Animal Care
  • Food; Nutrition & Home Economics
  • Horticulture
  • Travel Training including driving theory and road safety 
  • Home Management

Optional Courses and Accreditations:

The Duke of Edinburgh Award - Bronze and Silver

Arts Award - Bronze and Silver

Food Hygiene 

First Aid - St Johns Ambulance