Billing Brook School


Keeping your child safe online

At Billing Brook we teach our pupils to keep themselves safe, both in school and in the wider world.

We understand the importance of educating our pupils how to be responsible digital citizens. The Internet is a part of modern life, consequently we teach how to keep personal information safe, social media, interacting with others online, emailing and what to do if we see or receive something we are unsure about. 

Useful online safety and safeguarding links:

Parental support

VIRGIN media - children's internet safety test 

UK Safer Internet Centre - information and advice about new technology, setting parental filters and having conversations with your child about their online activity. 

Internet Matters - step by step guides to setting up controls and privacy settings on different networks, gadgets, apps and sites.

Common Sense Media - reviews of games, apps, books and films for all ages to help you decide what is appropriate for your child. 

Student support

Childline - help and advice centre for young people online and by telephone at any time.  

NSPCC - National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children, keeping children free from abuse. 

NCC e-safety - Northampton's online safety and bullying advice for parents and carers. 

Childnet - advice and guidance, including 'hot topics' around the subject of online safety. 

Reporting online abuse or bullying

CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection, if you are concerned about any online abuse you can report it to CEOP.