Billing Brook School

Work Related Learning

People with a learning disability can and do make hard working and enthusiastic employees. They bring new skills, talents and perspectives to employers and with the right support, they will make loyal and longstanding employees. Research has demonstrated that there are strong links between employing people with a learning disability and benefits for employers including:

  • Better staff reliability
  • Reduced sickness
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Improved morale at work.

However, less than 10% of people with a learning disability have a paid job- that’s not full time, that’s any paid work.

At Billing Brook School we don’t think that is good enough!

We recognise that our students have many gifts, talents and interests that can, with support, develop into a whole range of work ready skills that can effectively prepare some of them, if not all of them, for employment.



Having selected one or more of our Destination pathways, students develop the linked employability skills;
gaining recognition for their efforts by way of The Princes Trust Personal Development and Employability
qualifications or ASDAN’s Life Skill Challenge Awards

Currently on site, students learn both practical and theoretical elements of:

Catering; Entrepreneurship & Enterprise, Site Maintenance, Painting and Decorating, Horticulture,

Hair and Beauty, Child Care, Animal Care, Arts and Crafts, Computing, Music; Bike Maintenance

Each year this will change, as the curriculum is tailored to the needs and interests of the cohort of

students. For more information read about:

Ocean Employability